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Welcome to UK Wheelchairs - the home of value and quality

A Manual or Motorised Wheelchair?

When it comes to wheelchairs and the amount of wheelchairs that are available on the market today - the choice isnt made easy. The various options are there to address the varied requirements of people with diverse combinations of physical disabilities.

To guarantee that you end up with the wheelchair that matches your needs, take your time scrutinising and weighing up the various options that the individual wheelchairs bring with them.

When choosing a wheelchair dont think short term, the long term factors are important, you are investing in a wheelchair that could possibly change your lifestyle. Your comfort and convenience are the primary concerns, so make certain you opt for a wheelchair you can really live with.

Whether you are looking for a manual wheelchair or a motorised wheelchair, spending wisely now may spare you additional expense and difficulty later.

Manual Wheelchairs:

Manual wheelchairs require the user to have upper body strength as the wheelchair user has to operate or propel the wheelchair themselves. If the user has neither the strength nor the ability to operate the a manual wheelchair or if operating the wheelchair aggrevates their condition, they should consider a motorised wheelchair.

Motorised Wheelchair:

A motorised wheelchair or commonly known as a "power wheelchair" has the benefit of an electric motor providing the propulsion, making it ideal for users who are unable to propel manual wheelchairs themselves.

As a rule, power wheelchairs are much more expensive than manual wheelchairs.

The reason why is because of the development and technology that is used. If your condition necessitates the use of a motorised wheelchair, it would be wise to check with your insurance provider. Find out if Personally Operated Vehicles (POV's) are listed within your policy.

If not, bear in mind that a wheelchair is normally a one-off acquisition, so the pricey power wheelchair may ultimately be worth it.

The standard power wheelchair is controlled via some form of joystick, there are other forms of control systems available, some more innovative than others.

Motorised wheelchairs can operate both indoors and outdoors, and may be customised with various features that enhance comfort and ease of use. So, analyse which features will really help you move about with greater efficiency.

Purchase associated wheelchair parts and wheelchair accessories at the same time as the wheelchair. An example could be a portable wheelchair ramp, it is a useful accessory in a location that limits a wheelchair users maneuverability.

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