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Welcome to UK Wheelchairs - the home of value and quality

Accessories for Mobility Scooters

Like all kinds of assistive devices, mobility scooters can be customised to meet the specific needs of each individual user. Users can choose from a wide variety of additional features and accessories that allow for better and more convenient use of their mobility scooter. Accessories for mobility scooters can range from larger batteries all the way to cup holders.

Larger batteries are often more expensive and are not needed by standard users. However, those who often cover long distances and travel on their mobility scooters for long periods of time will find that having larger batteries are more favourable. On the other hand, those who often travel using their mobility scooter find that having smaller batteries are better because they are lighter.

Tyres can also be customised in such a way that users can choose from different types. Those who often travel on uneven terrain find that pneumatic tyres are favourable because they provide a smoother ride improving the comfort. As with all products there are "pros" and "contras", with pneumatic tyres they are vulnerable to punctures and therefore many users prefer the solid tyre - the choice varies and the benefits have to be weighed up by the scooter user.

Individual controls for the mobility scooter can be custom built or chosen from a wide range of manufacturers. The standard directional controls are some form of tiller, many scooter users prefer to use "Delta Tillers" because they can be controlled by using just one hand and they are not direction dependent. These tillers are best suited to users that have limited strength in their hands, when one hand tires then the other can be used.

Mobility scooter accessories include holders specifically made for crutches or walking sticks. Those who travel with a mobility scooter can choose to walk whenever they please because their walking aids can travel with them. Among the other commonly used mobility scooter accessories are rear view mirrors and oxygen cylinders.

Even different kinds of bags are available for mobility scooters. These range in wide varieties of styles, functions, colours, and designs. There are those that are small enough for items such as keys and mobile phones and there are large bags that are big enough to go across the rear of the seat to carry items such as groceries.

Canopies and umbrellas have also been specifically developed for use on mobility scooters. These are commonly used among those whose illnesses or disabilities are made worse by excessive exposure to the elements. Additionally, those who simply do not enjoy the hot sun or rain make use of these accessories. They are installed onto the scooter and can be drawn whenever they are needed.

Furthermore, scooter users can purchase ramps in order for them to gain access to uneven floors or areas. These are commonly used in the homes of users so that it can be easy for them to travel from one platform to another. The scooter ramps can also be used to load the scooter onto a vehicle. These types of ramps can be foldable so that user can easily store them especially when they would like to travel while carrying them inside their vehicles. More often than not, mobility ramps feature handrails to ensure the safety and convenience of the user.

To individualise, mobility scooter users often choose different kinds of accessories to make their assistive devices truly their own.

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