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Welcome to UK Wheelchairs - the home of value and quality

Accessories for Wheelchairs

Wheelchair accessories are not only functional they also allow physically disabled individuals to express themselves through their wheelchairs.

There is a huge array of wheelchair accessories available on the market today. Some of the most popular are:

  1. Bags and other Storage Accessories:
    These are strapped onto the mobility device to allow its users to carry more personal items while also keeping organized. Most bags are made of waterproof plastic to keep items from getting when. Each also has their own means to cover the items including zippers, flaps, or Velcro.

    • Backpacks:
      Strapped onto the back of the wheelchair.

    • Saddle Bags:
      Strapped onto the wheelchair armrests.

    • Under Seat Bags:
      The bag is strapped underneath the wheelchair - also know as a seat box due to its form.

    • Packs and Pouches:
      Strapped anywhere on the wheelchair the user pleases (often used for smaller personal items).

  2. Beverage Holders:
    These allow users to keep themselves hydrated while operating their mobility devices. They minimize spillage and allow users to move freely without having to worry about holding their own drinks.

    • Cup Holders:
      Often attached to the wheelchairs arm rest for easy access.

    • Hands-free Drinking Aids:
      Especially popular among wheelchair athletes. These feature special straws from which users can sip anytime.

  3. Weather Protection:
    These keep the user from overexposure to intense sunlight and harsh weather.

    • Umbrellas and Canopies:
      Installed right above the head of the user for protection against sun and rain.

    • Weather Chaps:
      Keeps users from getting wet by harsh rainfall or helps them keep warm during cold weather.

  4. Covering:
    Protects all parts of mobility devices and keeps them free from dirt or keeps them from getting wet.

    • General Covering:
      Covers the whole wheelchair when kept in storage.

    • Armrest and Cushion Covering:
      Covers armrests and seats much like vehicle seat covers.

    • Spoke Guards:
      Keeps rims from being damaged as well as protecting the users hands/fingers from being trapped between spokes while mobile.

  5. Other Wheelchair Accessories:

    • Clothing Guards:
      Keeps the wheelchair users clothes from getting caught between the wheels. The guards also protect against mud/dirt from the wheelchair tyres.

    • Wheelchair Trays:
      There are 3 main types of trays that can be attached to the wheelchair - fixed, slide and flip. Each type provides the user with a sturdy base for eating and writing.

    • Walking Stick Holder :
      Tubing that carries the users walking stick or cane while not in use.

The accessories listed above come in different styles and designs so it is easy enough for a wheelchair user to keep their individuality while using them. There are many more wheelchair accessories in the market today and wheelchair users are sure to find what they need to modify their wheelchair to their specific needs.

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