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Welcome to UK Wheelchairs - the home of value and quality

Baby Evelyn gets to grips with her homemade wheelchair

Its always sad to hear of infants having to cope with disability and particularly when confined to a wheelchair for the rest of their days due to any form of paralysis. However it seems that one toddler is taking all on the chin and adapting well to her new mobility thanks to her dads inventive skills and his take on a wheelchair for a toddler made from a Bumbo chair.

Evelyn was only four months old when doctors located a tumor on her spine. she then underwent eight rounds of chemo and is gladly in remission however the tumor has left her with paralysis from the chest down as the tumor had crushed her spine damaging the T4 vertebra.

Brave parents Kim and Brad wanted the same freedom for their daughter so went to town to buy some bits from a hardware store and within a day or two had build a very special wheelchair to give Evelyn as much freedom as is possible.

Now according to the Canadian press little Evelyn is zipping about and loving her new found freedom in the homemade wheelchair that cost under 100 dollars to make. Her mum says that she absolutely loves it "she went backwards first, then she went forwards, then she figured how to turn and now we have a speed bump in the middle of our living room because she goes that fast'.

Little Evelyn started using the wheelchair at just 7 months and now follows mum just about everywhere including shopping trips, although her Kim does say things take a little longer ! Evelyn is now learning to use a ZipZac, a manufactured version of her own wheelchair.

Mr Moore is proud of his little girl and wants her to know that she can achieve anything she sets her mind to.
'The willpower that she has, and how adaptable she is to her situation, is something I never really expected. And how quickly she’s grasping it has really blown me away... nothing can stop her,' he said.

What a brave girl and brilliant parents who have learned how to cope and not be put off by the use of a wheelchair.

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