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Welcome to UK Wheelchairs - the home of value and quality

Bags for Wheelchairs

There are a wide variety of wheelchair accessories on the market that wheelchair users can choose from. Among the most popular accessories are wheelchair bags which are specially designed for wheelchair users to be able to travel around in their wheelchairs while also being able to comfortably take some of their personal belongings with them.

Wheelchair bags come in several types, shapes, sizes, and have a variety of functions. The most popular bags include armrest bags, down in front bags, glove boxes, and cargo shelves.

As the name suggests, armrest bags hang from the wheelchairs armrest, to the side of the wheelchair. They are widely preferred because of their convenience and accessibility to the seated individual. When buying this type of wheelchair bag, make sure that the bag is the right size to give you maximum storage space without it touching the wheelchair wheels.

"Down in front" bags are those that are installed directly onto the frame of the wheelchair and are located right in front of the seated user. These often come with flaps to ensure the security of the items inside, preventing the items from falling out of the bag.

There are also glove boxes available for wheelchairs. These can be attached beneath the seat where valuables can be kept. These are often made to fit standard sized wheelchairs but they can also be customised to ensure that they fit properly.

To store bigger things, cargo shelf bags can be attached to the wheelchair frame. These often come with additional, smaller-sized pockets to accommodate the storage of smaller items.

For individuals who need to store and transport even larger items, other types of bags can be customised. Even standard wheelchair bags can be custom made according to the needs and preferences of the wheelchair user. Additional features like zippers or extra compartments can be requested. Buckles, flaps, and straps can also be used for the stability and security of the items being stored.

When customising wheelchair bags, the options are limitless.

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