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Welcome to UK Wheelchairs - the home of value and quality

Batteries for Wheelchairs

Wheelchair batteries don't work the same as car batteries. While car batteries are needed to start the vehicle's engine and to run the electric components, wheelchair batteries work for as long as the wheelchair is in use or as long as the battery has enough power. Wheelchair batteries have to be recharged at least once a day, depending on the wheelchair usage.

Wheelchair batteries are commonly known as deep cycle batteries. Unlike common rechargeable batteries, deep cycle batteries will not be damaged when they are completely discharged. However, it is still advisable to keep them charged at all times.

The good thing about wheelchair batteries is that they are convenient for the wheelchair user as they can be plugged in for charging during the night when the wheelchair user doesnt need the wheelchair. Charging the batteries overnight isnt unsafe as the batteries cannot be overcharged.

Depending on how often the wheelchair(s) is used, wheelchair batteries can last a very long time as long as correct precautions and re-charging times are carried out correctly. There are also tell-tale signs the wheelchair user can look out for to determine whether or not the batteries are weakening so they will know when a replacement is due.

Wheelchair batteries or power packs are often sold in pairs and can range in price anywhere from £80 to £200. The price depends on what type of battery is needed and what type of wheelchair it will be used on, generaly the larger the battery capacity the more expensive it is.

There are two main types of wheelchair batteries:

  1. Wet batteries:
    Wet wheelchair batteries get their name as they need distilled water in order to function. The water must be checked in regular intervals, this may be a difficult task if the wheelchair user does not have assistance.

  2. Gel batteries:
    Gel wheelchair batteries do not use water. Gel batteries are also preferred by those who travel with their wheelchair especially in airports as airport security does not allow wet batteries to be in place while on the plane.

Compared to wet batteries, gel batteries are known to have 10% - 20% less power making them less appealing for those who travel great distances using their wheelchairs.

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