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Welcome to UK Wheelchairs - the home of value and quality

Belts for Wheelchairs

Like vehicle seatbelts, wheelchair belts strap the wheelchair user in place and can quickly be released by the push of a button. Unlike seatbelts, wheelchair belts are made to be more comfortable because the wheelchair user has to use them for long periods of time.

Wheelchair belts often come with soft padding ensuring comfort and safety. Also unlike the seatbelt, wheelchair belts are made to secure the wheelchair users lower extremities and not the torso. Most often, these types of belts are fastened using locking devices made of plastic, Velcro, or metal.

There are several ways to install these types of wheelchair accessories onto a wheelchair. Among the most common are through grommet holes and through metal brackets. While it is easy enough to create grommet holes on the belt, metal brackets are often preferred because they are known to be more secure and more comfortable.

This is because they still allow for limited natural movement while being strapped in. Nevertheless, when you buy a wheelchair belt, there are instructions on how to install, adjust, and maintain the belt.

How wheelchair belts are installed have significant effect on what part of your body will be most secure. For example, belts installed onto the wheelchairs back rest will make your lower waist more secure. In contrast, your hips will be most secure if you install your wheelchair belt onto the seat frame. Many wheelchair users prefer to strap the belt across the lower hip in order to still have the ability to bend or move whilst in the wheelchair.

There are an extensive amount of wheelchair belts to choose from, going to a store and picking one out is easy enough. However, what is more difficult is choosing one that will suit and fit your physical disability. For those who have used wheelchair belts in the past, it is recommended to use an old one as a comparison for measurement.

When you have purchased your wheelchair belt, you may choose to cut off or secure the extra nylon so it won't be left hanging about.This could cause safety problems when pushing the wheelchair as it may get caught in the wheelchairs wheels.

Although there are professionals who can install wheelchair belts for you, much can be saved if you can do it yourself along with the assistance of a friend or relative. The instructions are easy enough to follow and all it takes is a little common sense.

Your safety whilst in your wheelchair should be taken seriously, with the help of a wheelchair belt you know that you can improve your safety.

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