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Welcome to UK Wheelchairs - the home of value and quality

Buying Paediatric Wheelchairs

Children value their freedom and it is important for them to be able to move independently. Children who require a wheelchair are not able to walk due to various factors, to mention some factors: vitamin deficiencies, accident, birth deficiency or mental disability. In order to give these children a better life pediatric wheelchairs have been introduced.

Pediatric wheelchairs are more advanced than a standard wheelchair and they are sophisticated enough to help children in various ways who are not able to walk properly. With a pediatric wheelchair you can transport your child in a variety of positions, including sitting, lying down and standing.

With the different postures the wheelchair accommodates for a wide range of children's individual needs, allowing for comfort for the child and allows him/her to move around the whole day on it.

When buying a pediatric wheelchair some of the important considerations are:

  • Which mobility controls are most suitable
  • The extent to which the child needs independent mobility
  • The physical abilities of a child and functional skills
  • The ability of a child to control the upper and lower extremities, as well as the head and eye movements
  • The ability of a child to use activating switches and joy sticks
  • The needs of posture support and seating to keep the child secure and comfortable

The issues of child growth are taken into consideration when constructing the wheelchair to ensure that the wheelchair addresses the needs of the child as he or she grows.

Most pediatric wheelchairs come with adjustable brace supports and frame sections which ensure that the wheelchair can be adjusted in size as the child grows, the majority of pediatric wheelchairs can be used for around ten to twelve years depending on the child's growth.

The child's social life should be taken into consideration when you think about buying a wheelchair. This should ensure the child's temperament, social situations, how he/she handles the frustration of learning to use a wheelchair, etc.

The transport of the wheelchair is also one of the issues which are should be considered. These chairs are quite bulky and heavy when compared to other narrow chairs of the same stand. Considerations have to be thought through, for example:

  • Is there a big car to handle this wheelchair?
  • Is there any rack that can compensate for additional weight?
  • Will there be any additional help required for transporting the wheelchair?

Such issues should be sorted out and the wheelchair should be selected matching the users environment.

Wheelchairs give an extensive amount of freedom and independence to the child. It helps the child to do all the activities at floor, table and higher levels. It is recommended that you take all aspects into consideration before you go out and buy a pediatric wheelchair for your child, good decision making ensures good performance. Thus choosing the right pediatric wheelchair makes a good balance against the versatile models of today's wheelchairs.

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