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Daredevil stuntman breaks all records

Another wheelchair world record !

Head over wheels one newspaper has called it on their headline, describing the antics of wheelchair user daredevil stuntman as he goes for the most challenging ramp jump ever attempted and yes he pulled it off achieving a complete double back flip in a wheelchair.

Launched from a 50ft ramp, adrenaline junkie Aaron Fotheringham has done what most of us would think is the impossible in a wheelchair and seeing the pictures in the press today really beggars belief. His jump has won him world wide acclaim for the stunning wheelchair stunt and what makes it most impressive is that he is a teenaged Spina Bifida sufferer and is entirely wheelchair bound.

The plan for Aaron is to do a tour displaying his wheelchair stunts. The first display is at a Nitro Circus show in his hometown of Los Vegas tomorrow the 4th of June where he plans to amaze crowds with this and other amazing wheelchair stunts. The extreme sports event attracts many different types but this does seem to be a genuine first for any show.

The ramp used for this amazing wheelchair extravaganza is usually used by BMX riders who carry out similar aerial acrobatics on bicycles. Taking it one step further Aaron leans backwards in to a back flip before he returns to earth landing on two wheels of his specially designed lightweight self propelled wheelchair.

What can you do with your self propelled wheelchair ?

Aaron has successfully attempted other wheelchair stunts previously but none as impressive as this one which is thought to be a world first. Aaron, a self confessed adrenalin junky started his antics at skate parks as a small child but as his condition worsened he adapted his style to include his wheelchair. When interviewed recently he added that he could always do the same tricks as the other kids but from his wheelchair, he says: "I grew to like my chair because it was like having a skateboard with me all the time.' See pictures and video of the great wheelchair stunt here

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