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Welcome to UK Wheelchairs - the home of value and quality

Decisions on buying your electric wheelchair

Not all users get the chance to select their first powerchair this decision is often made by the therapist. We have heard of some users only being able to select the colour of their new electric wheelchair and nothing else but we stress that the therapists are in the best position to assess your mobility needs and requirements to suit the lifestyle you lead. However powerchair users all know that until you have used the electric wheelchair for some time and in a range of circumstances you do not know how it is going to work out. For this reason we run an assessment where you and your needs are consulted to ensure the right model is supplied as this is a big commitment for most. When the time comes for a replacement model you will have much more idea about what you need and want.

As the choice of powerchairs widens and the features increase the choice doesn't always become easier. Our team are on hand to advise you if needed on which model may suit you best and which features you should be looking for. One of the biggest considerations when buying an electric wheelchair is where is it going to be used most i.e. inside or outside. Comfort and mobility are the primary objectives so we work with you to ensure you find the model that is best matched to your lifestyle. Users buying their second powerchair generally have a far clearer idea of what to buy so their decision is generally based on price and after sales service, which we like to think we excel on both. Don't forget we have a price match promise so on most models of electric wheelchairs we are able to match a competitors price. Please see our Price Match Promise page for terms and conditions. Over and above price we are proud to offer an excellent assembly service to take the worry of getting your new powerchair ready for use. The assembly service includes delivery to your home, assembly, initial charging of the battery and a brief explanation of all features and advice on how best to use your new chair should you require it.

In the ideal world we would spend a day in your life seeing what you get up to what your requirements both at home and when you leave, what your travel habits are and the sort of environment / terrain you encounter. This way we can best advise you on the powerchair. However this is not possible so our assessment is as thorough as is possible to address all the considerations you need to make when selecting the right electric wheelchair.

In addition to medical factors there is an increasing move towards further considerations many of which are cosmetic ! At long last there is a move away from the powerchair looking like a medical device. This move is winning support from many users who may prefer not to be seen as having a medical condition. Many people we speak with are looking for a mobility scooter but need a powerchair so the convergence of design of these is increasing for this reason. The benefit being the functionality of the electric wheelchair but with some of the cosmetic looks of the scooter. As this happens there is a greater want for many users to get out of the house more and increase their mobility and quality of life.

We will soon be looking at the main features to look for in your electric wheelchair but if you want some assistance in the meanwhile please do not hesitate to call us.

Once the best model of chair has been found there is the question of wheelchair accessories which is in itself is a big consideration to make sure your comfort is maximised. We will be looking in to this soon and posting an article on powerchair accessories.

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