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Electric wheelchair battery care tips

Does my electric wheelchair need a new battery ?

An electric wheelchair or power chair is for most users an invaluable tool to enable freedom and allows users to get out and about and be more self sufficient going about everyday routine like our able bodies friends and family do.

But your electric wheelchair is only as reliable as its battery and it is this time of year that this can become more apparent, as temperatures start to cool down and batteries have to work harder to keep you and your power chair moving. So we are looking at a few ways that you can maximise the life of your battery and get the most from your electric wheelchair.

The first tip we learn from the battery manufacturers is not to continually charge new batteries as it will reduce its long term life. If you look after a new battery in the early days it will provide you with a longer stronger performance. The best way to do this is to make sure you give it a full charge but don't leave it plugged in after this period.

Second tip is to only charge the battery once it is mostly discharged. Never be tempted to charge the battery when it is only partly used as this will reduce its capacity to accept the charge and the journeys in your electric wheelchair will become shorter in between charges.

Our third tip is to try to get in to a regular charging routine to keep your battery in tip top condition. If, like most, you use your electric wheelchair or powerchair in a fairly routine manner this is all the more easy. Most users use their powerchairs by day and charge them at night. If you do not use your power chair one day don't be tempted to charge it as this will ultimately reduce the performance.

Our biggest and best tip is to have a spare battery at all times and when you buy one get a durable battery. Electric wheelchairs tend to be used more hours of the day than scooters as users are dependant on them. For this reason powerchairs are sold with gel batteries generally which provide greater durability, allowing more miles from a single charge.

If you are able to follow these tips then you should get at least 18 months from a battery or more if you are fortunate.

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