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Electric wheelchair maintenance - a quick guide

If you are the user of an electric wheelchair or powerchair then you might be interested in this short article on electric wheelchair maintenance that includes a quick and easy check of the three main areas that affect the reliability and smooth running of your powerchair.

Manufacturers of all types of powerchairs list these three simple steps as things that should be checked on your wheelchair regularly and certainly every week. On an annual basis it is sensible to have your electric wheelchair serviced with a qualified technician but in the meanwhile here are three things to look at each time you use your mobility aid:

Battery status

For the health of your wheelchair battery and for your well being it is always worth checking the status of the battery charge before you go anywhere in your powerchair. We should all do it on a daily basis so that you can get to your destination and back with complete confidence and avoid getting stranded and needing help. It is always best to refer to the manufacturers hand book for explicit instructions but we find that charging your electric wheelchair battery every night will give you sufficient go juice for the following day. If it doesn’t, then it might be worth getting the battery checked as it may need replacing.

Tyre check

Broadly speaking, there are two types of tyres fitted to powerchairs, those that are inflatable or pneumatic and those that are solid. If they are pneumatic then you will need to check the pressure on a weekly basis to ensure that they are correctly pressurised. If they are not then the handling of your electric wheelchair might be affected and you can also begin to wear the tyres unevenly if they are soft.

The other check is to look for signs of wear and for sharp objects that might have become embedded in the tyres. If you do find a nail or similar please don’t be tempted to pull it out as this might lead to your powerchair being unusable. It is best to visit a tyre centre to ask them to take a look then they can deal with the problem in the event that it does become deflated.


Every electric wheelchair uses many nuts and bolts to bond the various components together. Most use a type of nut that is intended to withstand vibration and therefore is unlikely to come lose. However it is wise to check the visible ones on a regular basis as your powerchair depends on the integrity of these items and if one works lose you might lose power or control of the mobility aid.

All of the above are easy to carry out and give peace of mind when you go out in your powerchair regardless of whether it’s a long trip or a shorter journey to the local shops. Good luck with your powerchair maintenance!