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Electric Wheelchair Review - Drive Medical Titan

Continuing with our review of electric wheelchairs we have this week been spending some time with the Drive Medical Titan powerchair to see how it fairs against the competition in the electric wheelcahir market. As with our Cirrus powerchair review in January we will be looking at the chair from many perspectives with a view to giving it a final rating.

Starting with maneuverability, this motorised wheelchair has a a good basic design to allow it to turn smoothly in as relatively small radius, when we say relatively it is in relation to its overall length. Other considerations with maneuverability include speed, and this powerchair has a top speed of 4 mph which is about average for this type of power-operated chair.

Range is also about average with 15 miles being achievable from a single battery
charge. Perhaps its main advantage under the maneuverability heading is its turning circle which is just 25" which is about the same as its overall width, meaning that it does literally turn on the spot. This is a key feature particularly if you wish to use the electric wheelchair inside and in confided spaces.

Drive Medical electric wheelchair chasis Drive Medical powerchair chasis is compact

Next we move on to comfort. It is not uncommon for folk to remain in their powerchair for several hours at a time and so it is incredibly important that the users remains comfortable throughout and that there is sufficient support to remain comfortable. Ride comfort is generally goverened by the number of wheels, 4 or 6 and suspension. This Titan electric wheelchair has 6 wheels and a reasonably long wheelbase meaning that the chair spreads its weight over a greater area allowing it to iron out undulations, lumps and bumps fairly well.

An electric wheelchair that's easy to transport

The Drive Medical Titan folded The Drive Medical Titan folded for storage or transprtation

The seat can be height adjusted to allow for taller users with longer legs. The powerchair seat is very comfortable and does swivel allowing easier mount and dismount. The chair seat and back are padded for comfort but firm enough to give good support. It comes with an adjustable headrest that is removable to minimise space needed when storing or transporting the powerchair. The arm
rests are also adjustable to ensure they are at the right height for support and
comfort. The foot plates can also be adjusted to help adopt good posture during those long days out.

This moves us on to transportability. The Titan powerchair folds down with ease for transport in a car. It folds in to a relatively compact space and weighs in at 68KG. The key with the Titan is that no tools are required to collapse this electric wheelchair in to smaller easy to handle parts making transprt by car relatively simple.

Dynamic Shark programmable controller Easy to use dynamic Shark programmable controller

Finally the Titan powerchair has a good array of safety features. Starting with 6 wheels, this makes the chair more stable than some to prevent slipping. A lap belt is fitted to keep you in your seat and the solid tyres front and back mean that you won't be caught out with a puncture.

So how do we rate the Titan powerchair overall ?

From a cost of ownership this model represents very good value overall backed up by Drive Medicals warranty that covers the frame for life, the electric components for 14 months and the batteries for 6 months. This electric wheelchair really does represent value for money.