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Evaluating the Benefits of Manual Wheelchairs

People have often argued about the benefits of electric wheelchairs against manual wheelchairs. In truth, the mere fact that a wheelchair user has the choice between the two types of wheelchairs is something to be thankful for. Because of the wide range of wheelchairs available today, wheelchair users tend to have more difficulty in choosing a wheelchair that is best suited for their individual needs. Many use the internet for information before making decisions especially when it comes to choosing between an electric wheelchair or a manual wheelchair.

Because many tend to think that more modern technology is always better, the benefits of manual wheelchairs are often overlooked when electric wheelchairs come into play. More often than not, lightweight wheelchairs come in manual form. This is among the most important reason why manual wheelchairs are still often favoured by wheelchair users especially when the user will be someone who cannot exert much physical strength. Manual wheelchairs are also easier to maneuver. Because of this, they can be used just about anywhere. No matter what the terrain is like in the users' desired destination, manual wheelchairs can be used.

However, using manual wheelchairs also has its own disadvantages. For one, it can cause a lot of physical strain to its user. Although the upper body exercise may be good for the user, it may also cause some injuries in the long run. Apart from this, manual wheelchairs often require regular maintenance for tires so as to keep the wheelchair and the user's body balanced.

When it comes to choosing between manual wheelchairs or electric wheelchairs, many factors have to be considered. Buyers should not be blinded by the technology that electric wheelchairs offer. Although they may have a great deal of advantages, manual wheelchairs are considered more economical and more efficient especially considering the bulky form electric wheelchairs come in. Furthermore, several insurance companies opt not to cover electric wheelchairs making the task of choosing even simpler.

The choice of a wheelchair should be dependent on the lifestyle and preferences of its user. No matter which wheelchair the user prefers, the fact that they can choose is a good thing. Wheelchairs today have significantly improved from three wheeled chairs of several years ago and a wide array of options are now available. Although this may lengthen the decision process, having a choice also means having the ability to choose the wheelchair that suits your needs.

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