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Welcome to UK Wheelchairs - the home of value and quality

Helping The Physically Disabled Through Donations

Those who are or have been physically disabled will surely understand how important it is for those with mobility needs to have their own wheelchairs. However, many of those who really need wheelchairs often do not have the financial capability to purchase one on their own. For this reason, wheelchair donations have become more and more important.

In todays society organisations around the globe have been exerting much effort to allow individuals with physical disabilities to have access to their own wheelchair. These people have been very grateful as they could not have such privileges if not for the organisations that were willing to lend a hand.

By lending a hand through direct wheelchair donations or providing even a little amount of cash, you can be sure to enhance someone's life somewhere around the world.

There is an estimated figure of 100 million physically disabled individuals around the globe. The causes include :

  • Birth defects
  • Accidents
  • Diseases
  • War Injuries
  • or old age

Everyday adults and children alike loose limbs because of landmines and other explosive devices left behind from war. A report published by the World Health Organisation stated that over 29,000 individuals are injured by landmines each year. The report also noted that this estimate only comes from reported cases.

No matter how people become disabled, they should not be denied of their right to go where they please and they all should have access to wheelchairs of their own. The greatest need for wheelchairs is in developing countries where this need is also expected to increase by 22% over the coming decade. In these areas where few have the financial capability to buy wheelchairs, many have become bedridden.

Others also use their arms to carry their weight and drag their bodies across the floor. These people have the right to their mobility no matter what their physical conditions may be. Though they cannot enjoy that right on their own, people like you can help them. There are multiple international organisations that accept donations and distribute wheelchairs all across the globe. These foundations pool donations and use it to purchase and deliver wheelchairs in bulk.

There are also other non-profit organisations that provide similar services. In contrast to the services that the Wheelchair Foundations provide, some organisations allow distribution of wheelchairs to individuals. These groups use donations to refurbish used wheelchairs and give each one to those in need.

All these non-profit organisations and many others out there need your help so they can continue to provide aid to those in need. While you may also choose to help the individuals in your immediate environment, donating to such organisations will help those in need in a larger scale.

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