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How to get the most from your electric wheelchair battery

If an electric wheelchairs plays a very important part in your independence then its all the more important to get the most from its battery so that you can hang on to as much freedom as possible and enjoy that freedom in your everyday life.

One thing that you will rely on heavily on your electric wheelchair is the battery and helping it to keep its charge for longer and extending its life will make all the difference.

When you buy an electric wheelchair, the chances are the battery will already have been charged before it left the factory. But it is always worth giving it a top up charge before you use the powerchair for the first time. If for some reason the battery hasn’t been charged then you will need charge it for at least 24 hours before you first use the electric wheelchair.

What kind of batteries do electric wheelchairs use ?

There are two main types of battery used in powerchairs, and they are ‘gel’ and ‘sealed lead acid’. Gel electric wheelchair batteries are generally more pricey because they can take more charges than sealed lead acid batteries and therefore last longer. So we always recommend gel batteries for use in their electric wheelchair or powerchair. Both types of battery are sealed to stop spillage and are these days completely maintenance free. Sealed lead acid batteries offer better value for money and are better suited for those who use their powerchairs occasionally. The most important thing to remember is to never let your battery run entirely flat as this limits their life span.

Powerchair batteries Sealed lead cell Powerchair batteries give better value than gel batteries

Always use the correct charger for your electric wheelchair battery. If you use one with the wrong power rating you could damage the battery or could result in overheating. So always use the correct charging leads and charger unit that were supplied with your powerchair. If you take proper care of the batter you should expect a life span of12 to 18 months.

How to get the best range from your powerchair

When using your electric wheelchair you can help to save charge by minimising the use by keeping lights off unless really needed for safety. It is also good to turn the power off on the powerchair when not in use which will also help to preserve the charge.

Finally to get the best performance from your electric wheelchair always charge the battery to full capacity. If you do not then the battery will lose its 'memory' and will hold less charge meaning that you will not be able to cover as much distance when using the powerchair.