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Welcome to UK Wheelchairs - the home of value and quality

Independence Via Mobility Scooters

Many people may find their movement restricted sometime in their lives. As our bodies weaken with age, we experience increasing loss of strength in our limbs and begin walking less and less efficiently as we did in youth. The young, on the other hand, could lose the power in their limbs through infirmity or accidents. Old or young, the mobility impaired stands to benefit from a mobility scooter or electric wheelchair. Both are designed to help those with limited use of their lower limbs to regain a independence they had lost.

Most people take for granted the ability with which they perform common daily tasks. When this ability is lost, a person is likely to lose confidence as well. The loss of such ability may result in psychological problems which in turn, may further complicate the person's physical state. Thus, restoring a person's mobility becomes essential, if not paramount.

For the physically challenged; the prospect of undertaking simple activities like shopping, running errands and visiting friends or relatives can be daunting without any aid. Clearly, a device which allows them to accomplish these has to be provided. In temperate climates, this may not seem as big a drawback as does in places where it can get extremely hot or dry. However, going outside for a bit of fresh air or to socialize is good even if only to lift one's spirit.

Mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs not only enable physically challenged people to make short trips by themselves, they also help resume many of their routines independently of others. Increased independence in the physically challenged eases the anxiety and pressure on their friends or loved ones. This independence ultimately restores the dignity of users of mobility scooters.

With regard to aging individuals with increasing loss of limb functionality, mobility scooters allow them to keep their independence longer. Although electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters serve the same purpose, scooters are more widely used. Electric Wheelchairs compared to mobility scooters are bulky devices which are more difficult to store in addition, the size of the wheelchair may limit access to certain areas.

Many people favor the look of scooters over the boxed-in look of wheelchairs. Beyond mere looks, the scooter's streamlined design makes its user feel less restricted or confined. Last but not least, there is a wide variety of mobility scooters to suit the specific needs and preferences of different users.

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