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Independence With Shower Chairs

For quite a while now, shower chairs have existed to aid the elderly and those who have physical disabilities. Since they were introduced, they have continued to help people gain their independence by requiring little or no assistance when taking showers. Whether people have mobility needs due to physical disabilities, lack of balance, or debilitating diseases, shower chairs have become an appealing option. In today's society the trend to have large or oversized bathrooms has allowed further development of shower chairs.

Some of the most favoured shower chairs are made of strong plastic as these are most economical. This type of shower chair is lightweight, durable, and strong. Many plastic shower seats are foldable and easy to store. Making sure that the shower chairs are installed or placed securely can assure you of both safety and convenience. There are shower chairs that are more like stools while others feature including support for the back. Although shower chairs with backrests often take up more space they are preferred by those who have back problems.

When choosing a shower chair you need to evaluate your needs to decide on which type would suit you best. Rubberized contacts or other non-slip material should be used on the bottom of the chair's legs to ensure your safety. However, there are other things to consider, for instance, you may want a shower chair with padding if you don't feel too comfortable sitting on hard surfaces for the length of time it takes for you to shower. These padded shower chairs use a vinyl cover due to its water-resistant property.

Some shower chairs feature wheels to accommodate those with mobility problems. For added safety, some shower chairs have features that lock the wheels to make it stationary while in the shower whereas others can be converted into stools when the wheels are not needed. This allows you to roll into the shower and sit comfortably while you bathe.

Shower chairs may range in price depending on the make and model you wish to purchase. While some can cost around £25, others can cost as much as a few hundred pounds. Furthermore, there are water-resistant wheelchairs that can be used both in and out of the shower allowing you to purchase one mobility product for use wherever you may want to go.

Because of the existence of shower chairs, disabled people require little or no assistance when showering. The usage of these products has also allowed the elderly to avoid nursing homes which not only allows them to stay in their own home but keep their independence and save much money as well.

Although the idea of shower chairs may sound trivial, these continue to change the lives of people who have come to be more independent individuals. They can now feel more dignified as they gain the ability to bathe themselves. Furthermore, it has allowed them more privacy and more time by themselves.

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