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Welcome to UK Wheelchairs - the home of value and quality

Just whistle for your electric wheelchair !

When staff at the hospital in Israel found themselves wasting time collecting electric wheelchairs for their patients one of them decided it would be good if you could beckon for your electric wheelchair like you would a well-trained dog and it would come to you. Then they invented Chair Call !

Now they have just that, powerchairs and electric wheelchairs that are commanded by an app on their mobile phones allows them to call their chair from within near distance.

A team of experts at the Jerusalem hospital developed the device now called 'Chair Call' to help improve the quality of life for wheelchair users.

Alyn Rehabilitation Hospital for disabled children near Haifa north of Tel Aviv developed the app and the associated device that brings electric wheelchairs to their users like well trained dogs at their beck and call.

The device fits easily on to the joystick of the electric wheelchair and the application installs on to a tablet of mobile phone. The cost of this small device is under £15 making it very affordable for a powerchair user and making their life easier by way of having their electric wheelchair to hand at all times.

Acting like a remote control, the device allows you to call your electric wheelchair. Often as not powerchairs are stores out of the way when the user is in bed or in another chair. So to be able to call you wheelchair when it is needed is a very attractive proposition and will make many users lives easier.

The development team is headed by Hila Borel and includes specialists in paediatric rehabilitation.

Other volunteers from Intel and various techie organizations recently won the prize for outstanding social development from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa. They developed the electric wheelchair friendly device when theory recognised the need of the children treated at the hospital.

Alyn Hospital is dedicated to helping physically disabled children to become more independent and use technology as part of their remit. Locally this system can be fitted to an electric wheelchair for just 60NIS or under £20.