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More Halloween Wheelchair tales

Following on from the article last week on the wheelchair that was built for Ryan for Halloween we have been told about a fair few others who have made customised wheelchairs for this spooky week.

Magic Wheelchairs is a web site run by an American couple who have 3 children with Spinal Muscular Atrophy and there for have children’s wheelchairs and will remain in a chair for their adult life. The web site  has the strap line "PUTTING A SMILE ON THE FACE OF EVERY CHILD IN A WHEELCHAIR" and this is exactly what their dad would do each year for Halloween.

Visit the magic wheelchair site here

Each Halloween, Ryan made the biggest, “baddest” costumes he could for his sons, Keaton and Bryce, for many years. Once news of these costumes spread, Ryan began receiving requests from parents around the world asking if he would transform their kids’ wheelchairs into “magic”…and then, in 2015, Ryan and Lana decided to make that happen and started the non-profit organization that seeks to put a smile on the face of every child in a wheelchair.

If you visit their web site you can see all kinds of fantastical wheelchair designs ranging from dinosaurs to fire engines. Each one is unique and built around a standard electric wheelchair or manual wheelchair with some that are very detailed and must have taken a great deal of time to get right. As they say on the site it is always worth it when you get to see the expression on the child’s face when the wheelchair id revealed for the first time.

These days Magic Wheelchair is a nonprofit organisation and continues to make costumes for kids in wheelchairs and providing them for no charge to those in need. The aim  for them is to put a smile on the face of every child in a wheelchair by transforming their wheelchairs into awesomeness created by their hands and the children’s imaginations.

To get some inspiration and to see how their story evolved take a look at this video where Magic Wheelchair Takes Flight on Kickstarter.