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NuDrive breakthough

NuDrive system for wheelchairs

We were recently offered the chance to inspect the innovative new product from TGA that is attracting lots of attention from wheelchair users old and young. The NuDrive is a great new lever driven system that fits most self propelled wheelchairs enabling the user to propel themselves with the greatest of ease on level ground.

Clearly a great deal of thought has gone in to the design of this wonderful new product. Designed by one of the UK's leading product design teams in association with the Aspire Centre for Disability Sciences at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in Stanmore, TGA seem to have got this completely right.

NuDrive Wheelchair system a brilliant design from the UK

A great deal of effort was made to listen to wheelchair users and their input was used from the initial design phase right thru to product testing and proto typing. The end result is very impressive and will definitely fulfil its goal of providing far more freedom to wheelchair users old and young alike.

So how does the NuDrive system work ? Instead of gripping the wheel rims in the usual way to propel the chair, levers are used to propel the chair forwards and backwards as well as providing a very good braking
system. Once a user becomes familiar with the NuDrive system they will find the level of maneuverability very impressive. Attention was paid during the development of the system to reducing the risk of harmful shoulder loading. As many self propelled wheelchair users are aware, shoulders pay a big part in their propulsion.

Easy to install Fits most wheelchairs Wheelchair freedom

The new lever driven system can help to reduce shoulder degradation and injury. NuDrive makes increased freedom available to almost all wheelchair users at an affordable price and its simple to fit by simply attaching the NuDrive to your existing wheelchair to start enjoying greater freedom !

Suited to both indoor and outdoor use the NuDrive system was designed to help manual wheelchair users with a range of disabilities and medical issues. NuDrive can help you get you mobile – whether its trips to the shops, use at work in the house or as exercise outside. Users who we spoke with were very impressed and also commented on the thoughtful design of this user-lead product especially the design that allows unhindered removal of the wheels for transport. The other comment that we heard time and time again was the ease with which this system can be fitted without any need for change of the wheel configurations. Once assembled the unit can be left in place and is relatively lightweight.

The overall opinion is that the NuDrive system is going to change the lives on many self propelled wheelchair users.

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