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Welcome to UK Wheelchairs - the home of value and quality

Pediatric Wheelchairs

Disabled children or those with debilitating disorders do not necessarily have to be denied their right to a normal childhood. Parents must choose a wheelchair specifically for pediatrics in order to help their child experience a childhood that is as close to normal as possible. Although this task may sound simple enough, parents must first understand that there is a wide variety of pediatric wheelchairs to choose from and many factors must be considered in order to be choose the pediatric wheelchair best suited for their child.

Caring for disabled children involves carrying the child in order to transfer the child from one seat to another. This may cause back problems to both the parents and the children. To address this issue, a pediatric wheelchair that is not heavy and has detachable parts may be used. Before considering the purchase of a pediatric wheelchair, the child's lifestyle and social environment must be taken into consideration.

If parents have a specific wheelchair in mind, they should consider not only what the doctors have specified but also whether it would allow the child to be fully mobile in all day to day situations, such as school or at home.

Considerations When Buying The Wheelchair

Another issue to consider is that children quickly grow which means that they outgrow their wheelchairs. While some parents would opt for a one-size-fits-all wheelchair, some choose a pediatric wheelchair that is expandable which means that it can cater for your child as he / she grows. This is carried out by making alterations to the cross balance or even the front frame. Using this form of adjustable wheelchair, one wheelchair can last the child an average of 10 to 12 years.

Another important factor to consider is comfort. Of course, any parent would want their child to be comfortable in their wheelchair as they will be using it for long periods of time. A preferred choice is a wheelchair with a cushion that is no thicker that the width of three fingers. This way, it would be thick enough to allow for comfort yet thin enough to provide the needed leg support.

Leg support is very important and therefore, another factor to consider is having a footrest that would be at a level allowing the child's whole thigh to be supported by the seat. Should the footrest be too high, the child may feel awkward sitting for too long.

There are obviously a number of things to consider when purchasing a pediatric wheelchair that would be perfect for your child. It is not enough to choose the most costly one as this does not guarantee that it will be a worthwhile investment. Parents need to take time to go through every factor before actually choosing the wheelchair. After all, parents want what is best for their children and choosing the wheelchair best suited for the child is of prime importance.

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