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Welcome to UK Wheelchairs - the home of value and quality

Power packs

We frequently receive calls from people enquiring about electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters. Often people are looking for occasional use so we will often point them towards the wheelchair power packs.

Although they do not match the performance of scooters or powered wheelchairs, power packs do suit many users. They are often used as an assistance to the user or their attendant to enable them to tackle hills or to go out for longer periods without getting tired.

Wheelchair power packs come in two broad varieties - single wheeled and dual wheeled. Choosing which option to go for is based on two main criteria, firstly the need of the users. Is it for occasional use or more full time. The second question that we ask is the users weight. Some power packs are more powerful and will carry the weight of larger users up moderate hills without any loss of performance. The smaller units and single wheel power packs may struggle if the load is too heavy or the hill too steep.

Finally the main benefit of the dual wheel power pack is traction. With two wheels doing the driving means that there is more surface area in touch with the road or floor. Where conditions are slippery the dual wheel version is more likely to find the traction needed.

Twin wheel power packs

All models offer a variety of control. The twin Wheel Wheelchair power pack made by Roma Medical provides more traction and variable speed settings allowing the attendant to control the speed, it also has a reverse gear giving greater maneuverability. This particular model is suitable for users up to 21 stone. This model is intended for the attendant to take control.

Finally the Twin wheel wheelchair power pack by TGA is a very impressive unit that will provide up to 10 miles on a single charge. Made in the UK this model is proving to be one of our best selling wheelchair powerpacks.

Single wheel power packs

The TGA single wheel wheelchair power pack suits a maximum user weight of 18 stone, has simple handlebar controls and is very simple to fit allowing the attendant to vary speeds depending on conditions.

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