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Welcome to UK Wheelchairs - the home of value and quality

Power Wheelchair Motors

When the power wheelchair was invented, it was almost as simple as a manual wheelchair powered by a motor. The current line of power wheelchairs, however, has become much more powerful and now has a greater capability to address individual mobility needs.

Nowadays, the wheelchair bound that use power wheelchairs are no longer limited to travelling short distances or specific terrain. The wheelchair motors that are built into modern power wheelchairs allow for travelling larger and coarser ground even at faster speeds.

However, the fastest wheelchair or the most powerful wheelchair is not necessarily the best option for everyone. Choosing the most appropriate power wheelchair for an individual depends largely on the individual's needs. Should there be no need for powerful wheelchair motors that are pricey and high in battery consumption, regular power wheelchairs are recommended so as not to incur unnecessary costs.

Generally, there are three things you must keep in mind before purchasing a power wheelchair. These three factors will determine exactly what type of wheelchair best suits you.

  1. The first factor is your budget. This narrows down your choices but don't think that this will limit your options. Whatever your budget may be, you will surely find something that will address your needs.

  2. Another important factor would be the terrain you often travel on. If you only use the wheelchair for indoors or on paved pathways, then buying a very powerful wheelchair with a large motor is not necessary.

  3. Lastly, the time you spend in the wheelchair should be looked at. If you spend a lot of time moving around using your wheelchair, you may not want to lug additional batteries with you so the more powerful wheelchair may or may not be needed, this depends on the amount you travel with the wheelchair and the run time of the battery.

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