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Welcome to UK Wheelchairs - the home of value and quality

Prices slashed on Childrens Wheelchair

Possibly the best value children’s wheelchair on the market today. We were recently able to drop the price on this fabulous children’s self propelled wheelchair to an all time low.

This lightweight children’s wheelchair really is one of the most impressive wheelchairs we have seen in a ling time. The build quality is superb, with most parts built from a very high grade anodised aluminium that both looks great but is also incredibly strong for its weight.

Perhaps the best feature of this wheelchair is the adjustability. This system allows the wheelchair to be adjusted to accommodate for a growing youngsters needs. This system is quite unique and caters for children from as young as 7 right up to teenage and a weight of twelve stone.

The importance of adjustment cannot be stressed enough. Support for a wheelchair user is incredibly important to ensure that muscles and joints are not stressed and that the user remains comfortable at all times. With adjustment for seat height, seat width, leg length, brake depth and brake angle it is possible to set this wheelchair up to suit both the user and the attendant.

The upholstery is magnificent with only the best quality fabrics in use. The fabric is also tensioned to provide extra support. The seat cushion is made from a super dense foam that retains it shape and ensure maximum comfort even on those long days where the wheelchair is used for many hours.

We are very happy to be able to offer such a fine child’s wheelchair at such a low price. We are able to do this thanks to cooperation with manufacturers and our bulk buying arrangements. If you have any questions please contact our friendly and experienced staff who will give you answers to any questions.

As you can see this is also a very smart looking wheelchair that really adds to its appeal !

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