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Welcome to UK Wheelchairs - the home of value and quality

Purchasing Wheelchair Lift Ramps

Wheelchair lift ramps can make the life of a wheelchair user a lot easier. The majority of wheelchair lift ramps are made of some form of durable material and can aid anyone using any kind of manual wheelchair or electric wheelchair.

Wheelchair lift ramps are made to allow for simple usage and for easy transportation. When buying wheelchair lift ramps, it pays to be familiar with the available choices in order to find the one that best suits your individual needs.

You shouldnt solely rely on the information provided to you from a sales person, a sales person may no know all there is to know. The list below will help you evaluate your options and select only what is perfect for your needs.

Important points to remember:

  • It is not enough to choose a familiar brand. Take the time to examine the ramp and evaluate whether it is a quality mobility product or not.

  • If you use your wheelchair both indoors and outdoors, look for ramps that are weather resistant.

  • Always take in to consideration that you may in the future need heavier duty ramps which can carry a heavier load.

  • Wheelchair ramps should always feature anti-slip to avoid accidents.

  • The person who will be laying the ramps also needs to take precautions, lift ramps should have smooth edges to prevent any injuries.

  • To ensure that your wheelchair will not be fall off the lift ramp, look at haveing supporting beams or side borders.

There are many different types of wheelchair lift ramps to choose from, some are foldable or portable. No matter what type you choose, they are generaly simple to use. More often than not, these lift ramps are priced economically.

Some wheelchair users prefer wheelchair ramps that are cheaper because most of them allow for adjustments making them usable anywhere, no matter how much space is available.

When the guide above is used, you can be assured of safety when using your chosen wheelchair lift ramp.

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