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Welcome to UK Wheelchairs - the home of value and quality

The Costs of Using a Wheelchair

The costs of using a wheelchair do not only involve the cost of the wheelchair itself but a whole lot of other things. These include :

  1. The wheelchair:
    This can range in price anywhere between £100 and £7,000, depending on the type you need. Below are typical price ranges for each type.

    • Standard Manual Wheelchair: Between £100 and £1,500

    • Folding Manual Wheelchair: Between £500 and £1,750

    • Power Scooter: Between £450 and £1,500

    • Power Wheelchair: Between £800 and £3,750

    • Sports Utility Wheelchair: Between £1,000 and £4,000

    • All-Terrain Wheelchair: Between £900 and £7,000

  2. Modifications and Improvements to the wheelchair:
    This involves customizing or requesting additional features to address your specific condition.

  3. Modifications and Improvements to Your Accommodation:
    This involves adding wheelchair ramps to uneven floors and wheelchair lifts to staircases.

  4. Modifications and Improvements on Your Vehicle:
    This involves installing lifts and carriers.

  5. Wheelchair Education:
    This involves being trained to maximise the use of your wheelchair

  6. Wheelchair Accessories:
    This involves baskets or other things you would need to perform daily tasks.

  7. Wheelchair Maintenance:
    This involves replacing parts and getting your wheelchair evaluated by a professional from time to time.

Although the costs may seem too much, any wheelchair user would gladly pay these to live comfortably and be as mobile as possible. Furthermore, for those who do not have the financial capability to pay for all these expenses at once, certain improvements and modifications on the wheelchair itself or on the home of the user can be made over time.

Lastly, anyone would agree that this is a small price to pay for the benefits using wheelchairs bring.

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