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Welcome to UK Wheelchairs - the home of value and quality

Paralympian turns wheelchair maker

Vince Ross started making wheelchairs in 1976 after competing in the Paralympics. He lost the ability to walk following a car crash in which his spine was broken.

Formerly a toolmaker Vince had all the skills required to make a wheelchair and that is exactly what he did having been inspired by some American athletes at the game who had also created their own models. Vince was unable to continue as a toolmaker following the accident as it required too much scrambling about the factory floor. So Vince took to the drawing office where he began his plans for making his first self designed wheelchair.

Having studied the form of other wheelchairs that were available he started getting his own ideas on to paper. It wasn’t long before he started production and completed his own wheelchair in a workshop near where he lived in Liverpool.

Now he employs a team of local people many of whom are wheelchair users to both make and sell the wheelchairs that they manufacturer. All of his sales staff are wheelchair users and Vince claims that they are in the best position to give good advice on what to look for when selecting the right wheelchair. Vince says that it is much easier to relate to someone who is sat in a wheelchair than a none disabled person when buying a wheelchair.

The range of chairs that Vince and his team make is very diverse and the main aim is to make life easier for the whole family of the wheelchair user. This bespoke service is not to be compared to the big manufacturers who send out thousands each year. Instead each wheelchair is selected and tailored to meet the requirements of each specific user.

His aim is that every customer who enters his workshops leaves with a wheelchair that is perfect for their requirements and that they leave with a smile.

Watch the BBC video about Vince here