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Welcome to UK Wheelchairs - the home of value and quality

The Wheelchair Rundown

You may wonder about what exactly the deal is with the most common line of mobility devices known as wheelchairs. First of all, wheelchairs are used, for the most part, by those who have restricted mobility, such as people with weight problems or even heart problems.

A wheelchair provides freedom of movement for people who have limited or no movement in their legs or are unable to move or simply cannot walk. In many cases wheelchairs are also used by those who can still walk, but are more comfortable and mobile with a wheelchair.

Todays wheelchairs are not at all like the first wheelchairs, which were made from wood and were highly uncomfortable. Thankfully, modern day wheelchairs are much lighter, made from stronger materials and can withstand a lot of stress.

Modern wheelchairs come in various models, manual self propelled and attandant or care wheelchairs. Manual wheelchairs being propelled by the wheelchair user or by an attndant and attendant wheelchairs being pushed by the carer.

Electric wheelchairs are now another opportunity for wheelchair users, these particular wheelchairs are battery powered and operated by a convenient joystick for the user to utilize in order to move. This provides much more freedom than a normal wheelchair does, and this way, that freedom doesn't come at the price of your comfort. Operating an electric wheelchair is much easier, smoother and less exhaustive than that of a manual wheelchair.

The biggest concern that one must keep in mind when deciding to purchase a wheelchair is actually not the fault of the wheelchair, but actually with the design of streets and business establishments.

Even though accessibility laws have been put in place to ensure that businesses, streets, and buildings need to be accessible for wheelchairs, the fact is that this law has had minimal implementation as of yet.

Many places, establishments and transport facilities are still not wheelchair accessible which makes it very difficult for the wheelchair user. Thankfully, one particular innovation is that designers are looking to make wheelchairs a little more accessible for narrow passages.

Of course, wheelchairs are not the only tools on the market for you to use, there are other forms of mobility products to choose from. Scooters, walking aids, tri walkers are all available and can help with your day to day mobility.

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