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Welcome to UK Wheelchairs - the home of value and quality

Travelling for Wheelchair Users

The entire process from planning to actually getting to a holiday destination can be stressful. One can only imagine how much more difficult it is for those with physical disabilities who have to travel with wheelchairs.

Wheelchair users suffer from restrained mobility and may find it very inconvenient to have to move around with such bulky luggage. Nevertheless, travelling is not impossible for a wheelchair user. There are an extensive amount of wheelchair users that travel on a regular basis as they have become accustomed to moving themselves around without being dependent on much assistance.

Although the idea of travelling may sound quite discouraging, wheelchair users should not let the thought hinder them from going where they want to go. What may be encouraging are tips experienced travelers have taught others who would like to try travelling with their wheelchairs.

When booking flights the wheelchair user should inform themselves about who they will be flying with and what restrictions are made when travelling with a wheelchair. The majority of airlines cater for wheelchair users but may have their own restrictions and regulations that the wheelchair user has to abide to. Some airlines will provide a transport chair or basic wheelchair for the interim period and will place the private wheelchair in the hold.

Choosing the flight can be difficult depending on your destination, long distance flights which have one or more stops or where the wheelchair user has to change planes should be avoided where possible. When choosing a seat an aisle seat is most probably the most comfortable to allow for more space.

If you use an electric wheelchair and wish to take it on holiday with you then you will need to inform the airline, there are specific rules that have to be followed due to the batteries. Make sure the wheelchair batteries are secure. It may be necessary to remove them and store them in another container while the wheelchair is not being used.

Travelling with wheelchairs is not at all as difficult as some people may think. With todays allowance for custom accommodations, wheelchair users are no longer hindered from travelling wherever they please. All it takes is some careful planning and a cautious attitude. In spite of some difficulties a wheelchair user may face, wheelchair users need not stay immobile. Although they may still feel confined to their wheelchairs, what is important is that they can now enjoy the pleasures of travelling.

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