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Welcome to UK Wheelchairs - the home of value and quality

Types of Wheelchair Seat Cushions

Wheelchairs need to have quality seating because wheelchair users spend most of their time on them. Quality wheelchair seat cushions should protect against sores and bruising and be comfortable for long periods of times. Wheelchair backrests can also be cushioned out which can help with the seating position and prevent or minimize any form of back strain.

Depending on the type of wheelchair seat cushion they can cost anything between £20 to £200. When choosing your seating requirements there are three main types of wheelchair cushions to consider that are available on the market today. All three have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The three types of wheelchair cushions are:

  1. Foam Wheelchair Cushions:
    These are the most economical. They are light and can easily be customised according to the shape the user needs. However, they are known to wear out quite quickly making them lose their shape after some time.

  2. Gel Wheelchair Cushions:
    Although more expensive, they are preferred because they are not only more comfortable because they contour according to the posture of the user but also make space for the legs. However, these are known to be less impact-absorbent. They also weigh more and they may leak when punctured.

  3. Air Wheelchair Cushions:
    The most expensive wheelchair cushion on the market. These cushions are preferred because they can be inflated to the wheelchair users requirements. They are very comfortable because pressure is evenly distributed allowing it to better absorb impacts. They weigh less than the gel cushions and are often waterproof. However, air cushions need special attention as they can be easily punctured or deflated.

No matter which type of cushion you choose ensure that all aspects have been considered and that functionality and comfort are taken in to consideration. It is important that the wheelchair doesnt cause any problems that can irritate your physical disability. The seat is probably the most important part of the wheelchair as your posture can be affected dramatically.

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