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Welcome to UK Wheelchairs - the home of value and quality

Types of wheelchairs

Standing wheelchairs:
These are wheelchairs which offer user support in standing posture. These offer dual functionality as regular wheelchairs and standing frames. Depending on the user preference they can stand or sit on the chair. Using hydraulic pumps or an assist powered by electricity occupants can sit or stand.

Bariatric wheelchairs:
These wheelchairs can support heavier people and can provide support of people weighing up to 250 pounds.

Pediatric wheelchairs:
These are another type of wheelchairs.

Sport wheelchairs:
Many disabled sports persons use specialised sports wheelchairs to participate in disabled sports which necessitate usage of agility and high speeds. In sports like racing, basketball, tennis and rugby sports wheelchairs are used individually built for each sport. These do not offer folding convenience and have more stability. The have more angles on the wheels which offer better maneuverability. Lightweight components are used in designing such wheelchairs. These wheelchairs cannot be used on daily basis and are only meant for sporting action.

Beach wheelchairs:
These wheelchairs allow occupant to enter into the water and offer higher maneuverability on sand. Many varieties of beach wheelchairs are available in the market. In European countries Accessible Tourism is well developed and so beaches are easily traversable through wheelchairs. These beach wheelchairs are offered free of cost to travelers.

Mobility scooter:
These are motorised mechanised wheelchairs which are same as electric wheelchairs. These have steering tillers as opposed to joysticks. These also have much lesser medical support choices. You can get these wheelchairs without prescription if you go to certain markets. You can choose from powerful and spacious models to foldable and lighter weight varieties. Some companies do not accept insurance and only accept payment through credit card but you get a low price deal in exchange.

Wheelchair developments:

Many technical advancements have dramatically improved electric wheelchairs. The iBOT wheelchair has gyroscopic technology in-built with other developments which facilitate better balance and can run on two wheels only instead of four on certain surfaces. This raises the wheelchair height to that of standing persons. These also have stair climbing mechanisms and features facilitating four wheel driving also. These features are becoming popular and sophisticated on such motorised assisted wheelchairs.

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