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Welcome to UK Wheelchairs - the home of value and quality

Understanding Wheelchair Lifts

Whether you or someone close to you uses a wheelchair, you should have been confronted with the difficulties for a wheelchair user when getting up stairs or other elevated areas. This task has become simpler due to the combined efforts of scientists and mechanics who have developed wheelchair lifts.

The Wheelchair lifts technology is relatively new and has made it easier not only for wheelchair users but those aiding them as well. Before the development of wheelchair lifts, it was close to impossible for disabled individuals to be fully mobile. Today, wheelchair users are able to go almost anywhere they please.

Wheelchair lifts aid disabled individuals significantly, with the use of a wheelchair lift the physical strain is no-longer a problem. In order to climb up a staircase, wheelchair users had to get out of the wheelchair and either climb the stairs alone or be aided by others. With a wheelchair lift the user can stay in the wheelchair while they are transported from the bottom of the staircase to the top.

There are two main types of wheelchair lifts available on the market today.

  • Hydraulic Wheelchair Lifts:
    The hydraulic lift is the most preferred lift as it encounters fewer problems with power fluctuations and outages. However hydraulic lifts can be very pricey.

  • Electric wheelchair lift:
    Unlike hydraulic lifts, these are known to be more affordable. However, they rely heavily on electricity and would not be able to work without it. Some models compensate for electric shortage with a back-up source of energy in form of batteries or power packs.

Many companies manufacture different kinds of wheelchair lifts. Depending on the make and model, these wheelchair lifts range in price from hundreds to even tens of thousands. Looking at the benefits of wheelchair lifts, investing in one that best suits the needs of the user will surely be a worthwhile investment.

Although wheelchair lifts were created for use in disabled individuals homes, they are now commonly found in public areas including hospitals. Some countries have made it law for public buildings to feature wheelchair lifts for the benefit of those with physical disabilities. Having wheelchair ramps and wheelchair lifts has made a life that used to be very difficult for wheelchair users significantly easier.

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