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Welcome to UK Wheelchairs - the home of value and quality

Wheelchair Carriers

Wheelchair carriers are important for those wheelchair users that travel a lot, the carrier makes it possible to accommodate the wheelchair when the user is traveling for example by car on holiday.

Wheelchair carrier variations:

  • Car Top or Roof:
    Car top wheelchair carriers are often powered by an electric motor controlled by switches. These carriers lift wheelchairs and place them into a storage compartment. When the wheelchair is in place the carrier closes and locks.

  • Bumper Mounted:
    Bumper mounted carriers are attached to the vehicles bumper. They can simply be mounted then removed when not in use. However, installing this type of carrier requires holes to be drilled into the bumper, so professional help is recommended.

  • Tow Hook or Hitch Mounted:
    Hitch mounts are attached to the vehicles tow bar/hook. Wheelchairs can be placed onto these carriers by simply releasing a bar that will allow the carrier to tilt. The wheelchair can then be rolled into/onto the carrier.

    When the wheelchair has been mounted, the bar should must be reattached and the carrier and the wheelchair will lock in place. This type of wheelchair carrier generally has a maximum carrying capacity of 75lbs.

  • Pick Up:
    A pick up wheelchair carrier is specifically made for wheelchair users who own or use pick-up trucks for transportation. Pick-up carriers lift the wheelchair and place it safely onto the vehicles loading bed.

No matter what type of vehicle the wheelchair user owns or uses, there are suitable wheelchair carriers on the market to accommodate all needs.

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