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Welcome to UK Wheelchairs - the home of value and quality

Wheelchair Cooling Pads

Life is difficult enough in a wheelchair. The pavements are crowded, shops are not wheelchair friendly, and everywhere you look there are stairs. Moving around in a crowded shop or mastering the turns in your own home requires a great deal of energy.

This can be a hot workout for many. Sitting in a wheelchair can become very uncomfortable when you are exerting yourself on a daily basis. There is now a product that has addressed that issue, a wheelchair cooling pad has been constructed to make life a little easier for wheelchair users.

A wheelchair cooling pad is just like a heating pad, except its cools instead of warms. The pads work by absorbing body heat that is generated from daily wheelchair activities. When your wheelchair becomes uncomfortably hot from sitting all day wheelchair cooling pads provide relief.

The typical cooling pad is 18 x 14 ½ inches and will fit nicely under the wheelchair seat cover or in a standard pillowcase. The pads can keep you cool and can also soothe your sore muscles at the same time.

When wheelchair cooling pads first came out they were inconvenient to use. They relied on water, had to be changed every two weeks and could be very difficult to deal with.

Todays wheelchair pads are made from a mixture of mirabilite, salt, herbs and water. A waterproof and very flexible material covers them. The material used inside the pad has the ability to absorb the heat from anything that is warmer than itself.

The pads work for a long time. During this time they absorb the heat providing the wheelchair user a nice and comfortable cooling sensation. When you want the pad to cool again, simply leave it out at room temperature, all of the heat that was absorbed into the pad is released into the air when left out.

You can use the wheelchair cooling pads over and over again. If you want the pad to disperse heat quicker just leave it in a cooler place. Or for even quicker regeneration put it in the refrigerator for a short period of time.

The pads come in their own carrying case so they can easily be transported. Cooling pads are not only convenient for wheelchair users. Take them on long trips or whenever you spend a lot of time sitting. Anyone can enjoy the benefits of wheelchair cooling pads.

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