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Welcome to UK Wheelchairs - the home of value and quality

Wheelchair Customisation

For thousands of years now, wheelchairs have existed and have continued to aid physically disabled individuals in moving around. Because of wheelchairs, the wheelchair user no longer finds it so difficult to be independat and mobile. Wheelchair customisation is a trend that has only developed in recent years.

In todays society the wheelchair user has the option to improve the wheelchairs performance and personalise the style and specifications of their wheelchair to suit their individual tastes and mobility requirements. More often than not, wheelchair users are driven to customising their wheelchairs to address their special needs, enhance its performance, or to express certain styles according to their preferences.

Customised wheelchairs are considered premium products that provide users not only comfort but convenience as well. Customising their wheelchairs often involves simple modifications to address their needs.

For instance, because of customised wheelchairs, a triple-amputee who has given birth can truly enjoy and take care of her newborn. Simple adjustments and minor enhancements to the standard wheelchair can make this possible.

For users who have had an arm amputated, dual hand-rimmed wheelchairs allow for mobility allowing its users to have full control of both wheels while using only one arm. This improvement has definitely changed the world of amputees who, in the past, could not propel themselves whilst in their wheelchair.

Today, they require little or no assistance at all to move around. Wheelchair frames can also be customised to perfectly fit the wheelchair users body form. This way, it is easier for its user to manoeuvre their own wheelchairs. This also provides maximum comfort to the users as it is a perfect fit - similar to a tailored made suit.

Further customisation to wheelchairs can be made vis the wheels. Depending on where the wheelchair user uses his/her wheelchair the wheelchair wheels can be modified to travel in all types of terrain including uneven surfaces if they lead an active outdoor lifestyle.

By customising the wheels according to the needs of the user, stability, safety, and performance can be assured. This proves to be one of the significant improvements that was brought about by wheelchair customisation. In the past, users only had standard wheelchairs which could not be used on rough or irregular terrain.

What wheelchair technology has done is not only aid the physically disabled but, more importantly, it has significantly improved their lives. Because of continuous innovation and further improvements on how to customise wheelchairs, all the needs of physical disabled are being addressed.

This, along with the considerations that most societies already have in place, wheelchair users can now enjoy almost everything that able bodied individuals do. Through customised wheelchairs, the wheelchair user has become less dependent on others for assistance.

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