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Welcome to UK Wheelchairs - the home of value and quality

Wheelchair Guides and Mobility Information

  • Choosing the Right Paediatric Wheelchair
    There is a wide variety of paediatric wheelchairs available on the market today. Each wheelchair is made to suit the requirements of its individual user. Choosing the perfect wheelchair, especially for a child, may be difficult as there are many fac…

  • The Basics of Electric Wheelchairs
    A mobile device which will facilitate a disabled or sick individual to move about is identified as a wheelchair. This mechanism resembles a chair which is mounted upon an array of wheels and is propelled either by way of electricity or manually…

  • Choosing A Wheelchair Carrier
    The selection of a wheelchair carrier to fit on your automobile can be a straightforward decision once you determine what you require and the model and style which would be most advantageous to you…

  • Maintaining Wheelchairs
    Because physically disabled individuals are heavily dependent on their wheelchairs, it is necessary to know how to properly maintain the wheelchair. A wheelchair is an expensive piece of equipment…

  • Parts of the Wheelchair
    Here we take a look at some of the major parts of any standard wheelchair and customised wheelchairs. Each section will inform you how to make sure you have the right part on your wheelchair and why it is important to have it…

  • Interacting With Wheelchair Users
    You would think that by now people in the streets know how to interact with a wheelchair user. And yet everywhere, for some inexplicable reason, the presence of a wheelchair makes non wheelchair users uncomfortable…

  • Types of Wheelchair Seat Cushions
    Depending on the type of wheelchair seat cushion they can cost anything between £20 to £200. When choosing your seating requirements there are three main types of wheelchair cushions to consider…

  • Purchasing Wheelchair Lift Ramps
    Wheelchair lift ramps can make the life of a wheelchair user a lot easier. The majority of wheelchair lift ramps are made of some form of durable material and can aid anyone using any kind of manual wheelchair or electric wheelchair…

  • Exercising in Your Wheelchair
    To prevent muscle atrophy it is important for a wheelchair user to get the body moving. There are special exercises a wheelchair user can carry out from their wheelchair…

  • Wall Guards for Wheelchair Users
    The homes of physically disabled individuals have to accommodate for the wheelchair user. Each area should be accessible for the wheelchair user and the wheelchair should be able to be used around the home without any problems…

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