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Welcome to UK Wheelchairs - the home of value and quality

Wheelchair Guides and Mobility Information

  • Travelling for Wheelchair Users
    One can only imagine how difficult it is for those with physical disabilities who have to travel with wheelchairs. The entire process from planning to actually getting to a holiday destination can be stressful…

  • Belts for Wheelchairs
    Like vehicle seatbelts, wheelchair belts strap the wheelchair user in place and can quickly be released by the push of a button. Unlike seatbelts, wheelchair belts are made to be more comfortable…

  • Wheelchair Questions and Answers
    Although wheelchairs are often associated with the elderly, they certainly play bigger roles to many other people. The concept of wheelchairs may still be foreign to you if you or anyone close to you has not personally experienced using one…

  • Vertical Wheelchair Lifts
    Mobility challenged people including senior citizens, who spend much of their day in a wheelchair, have limited access to certain areas. As a consequence, their independence is likewise limited in comparison to their situation prior to finding themse…

  • Wheelchair Canopies
    Wheelchair canopies have become so popular because they are so effective in protecting wheelchair users from harsh weather and they are also very convenient to use. Since they simply attach to the wheelchair…

  • Power Wheelchair Motors
    Nowadays, the wheelchair bound that use power wheelchairs are no longer limited to travelling short distances or specific terrain. The wheelchair motors that are built into modern power wheelchairs…

  • Embrace the Wheelchair
    Wheelchairs have been available for over a hundred years. Initially, they were invented to move physically disabled individuals from one part of a room to another…

  • Wheelchairs, Sports and the Wheelchair Bound
    Anywhere you go, those who make use of wheelchairs continue to enjoy the competition and fun that wheelchair sport has to offer…

  • Showering with Wheelchairs
    Wheelchair users often have a hard time showering and this is the reason why shower wheelchairs have become so popular…

  • Scooters for the Disabled
    Scooters that are specially made for disabled individuals are often referred to as Mobility Scooters or Medical Scooters. The scooters come in various forms and each one addresses the needs of the physically disabled individuals…

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