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Wheelchair racing Paralympian slams train operator

Getting caught short when in need of a toilet is no fun. Paralympian, wheelchair racer and disabilities campaigner Anne Wafula Strike did just that a couple of weeks ago while on a train from Coventry to Stanstead on December 8 when a humiliating incident happened.

Anne who was in her wheelchair on the train was unfortunately forced to wet herself on the train because of the lack of disabled facilities on a three-hour journey last month. She has decided to go public with the story to help raise the profile of her campaign and the very real everyday issues faced by wheelchair users.

The problem was mainly down to the wheelchair accessible toilet being out of order although no explanation was given. So railway staff suggested that she left the train early in her journey to use the wheelchair friendly facility at the next station. However, there were no staff to help her and her wheelchair down from the train carriage, and so she was forced to relieve herself in her wheelchair.

Ms Wafula Strike, who was recently awarded an MBE for her charity work was to say the least embarrassed by the whole incident and has blasted the train operator for the lack of wheelchair friendly disabled facility on the train and commented that it was a "basic human right" to be able to use a toilet.

Anna who was born in Kenya and has lived in the UK for many years decided to go public to raise awareness of disability issues and those everyday challenges faced by wheelchair users.

She told The Guardian : "Being forced to sit in my own urine destroyed my self-esteem and my confidence. People with disabilities don’t want perfection, we just want the basics and to have our independence. But lack of access and inclusive facilities make us feel as if we are an afterthought."

Since the incident the train company has issued an apology and is looking in to why their services failed her on that day in December.