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Welcome to UK Wheelchairs - the home of value and quality

Wheelchair sport in the coming year 2014

Here at UK-Wheelchairs we're all in favour of supporting virtually any type of sport particularly those that can be played in a wheelchair, which these days extends to so many different sports including; racing, marathons, basketball, archery, bowls, hand cycling, table tennis, fencing, rugby and of course wheelchair tennis.

As a nation we are at last beginning to embrace these sports and both
organisers and participants alike are producing some very impressive results.

New clubs are opening at an impressive rate all around the country and new members are being persuaded to come along and try there hand.

All to often there is no stopping newcomers to many sports and being
in a wheelchair certainly doesn't deter their enthusiasm, in fact i would
say that their determination often far exceed that of some non disabled

The Paralympics has maybe had a lot to do with raising the profile of many
sports and subsequent funding and follow up enthusiasm has helped to keep
momentum up but there is no doubt what so ever it is the energy, drive and
commitment of the individuals themselves that has made the difference and
is making the UK a wheelchair friendly and sporty place to be.

Take golden girl Hannah Cockroft as a great example. Hanna who is 21 and
represented the UK in the Paralympics is a formidable wheelchair table
tennis player and not only that she is finding time to help the sport
along and encouraging new young players to the game.

On a recent visit to her home town of Halifax in west Yorks visited a
local school as the guest of honor where she met Megan, a 14 year old
wheelchair table tennis player who took the sport up 2 years ago and is
making fantastic progress. Megan is currently part of the British Table
Tennis Association for Disabilities Pathway Squad and is training on a
regular basis and has already sampled international experience where she
just missed out on a bronze medal.

Megan's attacking style is certainly catching the eye of fellow competitors
and before too long she will i'm sure become a forced to be reckoned with.
Read more at where you can keep up to date on many
wheelchair sports.

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