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Welcome to UK Wheelchairs - the home of value and quality

Wheelchairs for Sport

Sports wheelchairs were specifically developed for use in physical activities including basketball, tennis, and even racing. They weigh very little making them easier to control and maneuver. However, sports wheelchairs are certainly not limited for use in sports. In truth, physically disabled individuals have much to gain by using sports wheelchairs for everyday use.

Sports wheelchairs are a popular choice because they are a lightweight wheelchair. It is recommended for individuals who still have full upper body functionality to use manual wheelchairs and sport wheelchairs are a common choice among them.

However, not everyone can make use of a sports wheelchairs especially if they are over 250 pounds as sports wheelchairs often weight only 19 to 30 pounds so they will not be able to carry individuals that are heavier than average.

The reason why sports wheelchairs are so light is due to the lightweight material(s) used to build them. Whether the sports wheelchair you choose is made from aluminium, chrome, or titanium, you can be sure that they are manufactured to be both lightweight and sturdy.

For the seating material, plastic, vinyl, and spandex are often used. Because of such light materials being used, sports wheelchairs have become easy to control with features that allow them to shift direction easily and move speedily.

There are many different types of sports wheelchairs to choose from and the best choice would really depend on its purpose. Several types of wheelchairs are available for specific types of wheelchair sports but there are also standard wheelchairs that can be used for daily activities.

Whenever sports wheelchairs are bought, it is common to purchase wheelchair accessories at the same time. The most common sport wheelchair accessories are safety or constraining belts that keep the user safe on the seat when playing sport, wheelchair bags for personal belongings or sport accessories, and others such as gloves and upper body supports.

Remember that buying a good sports wheelchair is not always about choosing the most popular brand. It is always good to evaluate your needs before buying a sports wheelchair. Make sure that you read user reviews and general opinions about the durability and useability of the wheelchair that you want to buy. Test the wheelchair to make sure that you can use it properly, they are similar but not the same as a standard manual wheelchair.

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