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Welcome to UK Wheelchairs - the home of value and quality

Wheelchairs & Neuromuscular Disorders

Whoever faces neuromuscular disorders has their own individual requirements which are dynamic in nature and constantly change with progression.

Any neuromuscular disorder can prove to be a major restriction to a person and can cause tremendous dependency on others. Even with basic daily activities the person will need help from others. One of the aspects that can be worked upon is the mobility of the person. If this aspect is supervised appropriately then a neuromuscular disorder affected person can move about independently.

For those who suffer from a neuromuscular disorder a wheelchair is probably an absolute must. If the wheelchair is provided at an appropriate stage it can prevent bodily deformities from occurring. If there is a delay in providing a wheelchair, the delay could possibly cause permanent deformity and can result in an excessive financial waste, whereby the money could have been used for other mobility products or general improvements. In addition, the occupant will feel even more helpless and this can have adverse impact on the health of the person.

By providing the right kind of wheelchair in the initial stages a person with neuromuscular disorder can improve overall movement and posture. Besides this, it will lessen the work of the attendant. Fatigue and social reclusive behavior can be prevented by using a wheelchair which helps to prevent solitude and depression.

The issues about using a wheelchair can differ from one person to another depending on the age group of the person. For a young person it maybe about using the wheelchair to go out with friends, while for children it could be about going out with the family. Adults with a neuromuscular condition can with the help of a wheelchair continue work and have a career.

Since each persons requirements are so unique wheelchairs need to be bought, modified and adjusted accordingly. Thus, it needs to be an iterative process with several reviews where problems are taken into consideration.

These issues also need to be solved as quick as possible. The occupant of the wheelchair needs to have access to a contact person in whichever wheelchair service section he or she is getting the wheelchair from.

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