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Welcome to UK Wheelchairs - the home of value and quality

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Wheelchair Accessories

Wheelchair accessories from clothing to cushions, bags to trailers. We stock a range of accessories aimed at making life easier and more comfortable while you are out and about in your wheelchair
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Wheelchair Cosy

A warm fleece lined cosy for use in a wheelchair

Excl. VAT: £40.99 Incl. VAT: £49.19
Extra Deep Memory Foam Wheelchair Cushion

Extra deep 4" memory foam wheelchair cushion

Excl. VAT: £42.99 Incl. VAT: £51.59
Plastic Wheelchair Lap Tray

A handy lap tray for wheelchairs

Excl. VAT: £42.99 Incl. VAT: £51.59
Fleece Wheelchair Seat Cover

A real warm sheepskin seat cover for wheelchairs

Excl. VAT: £42.99 Incl. VAT: £51.59
Drive Medical Steel Elevating Leg Rest

Enigma Superior steel wheelchair leg rest

Excl. VAT: £44.99 Incl. VAT: £53.99
Wheelchair Mac With Sleeves

A padded lined waterproof wheelchair cape

Excl. VAT: £47.99 Incl. VAT: £57.59
Contoured Wheelchair Shawl

A warm body warmer shawl with collar for wheelchairs

Excl. VAT: £58.99 Incl. VAT: £70.79
Karma Mobility Wheeled Travelling Bag

A strong wheeled bag for transporting your wheelchair

Excl. VAT: £59.99 Incl. VAT: £71.99
Drive Medical Aluminium Elevating Leg Rest

Lightweight leg rest for Drive Medical wheelchairs

Excl. VAT: £59.99 Incl. VAT: £71.99
Drive Medical LAWC Elevating Leg Rest

A lightweight aluminium leg rest from Drive Medical

Excl. VAT: £64.99 Incl. VAT: £77.99
Axcess Suitcase Wheelchair Ramps

Folding aluminium wheelchair ramps with carry handle

Excl. VAT: £67.99 Incl. VAT: £81.59
Threshold Ramps

Aluminium wheelchair doorway threshold ramps

Excl. VAT: £49.99 Incl. VAT: £59.99
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Please view our wide range of wheelchair accessories. From clothing designed for wheelchair users, to ramps designed to make access to and from vehicles and building easier. Other wheelchair accessories include power packs that will convert your manual wheelchair in to an electric wheelchair and that can be controlled by you or your carer. From simple items like pumps for pneumatic tyres to items designed to increase comfort such as memory foam cushions we supply the lost.