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Welcome to UK Wheelchairs - the home of value and quality

An invisible mobility lift

Wheelchair access became one step easier for a certain lady when she decided to install an invisible lift at her home is Scotland.

The property that has recently gone on the market comes complete with a remote controlled wheelchair lift that allows easy access despite there being 3 or 4 steps to the front door. The listed listed property in Gayfield Square Edinburgh got permission from the Edinburgh Council's Listed Building Department to deliver this beautiful restoration.

The house owner Dr Goodden commissioned a team of experts to create a lift access to the ground floor, via the existing entrance staircase. It operates by lowering a section of the existing staircase down level with the pavement, allowing a wheelchair user to easily board, and then rises up to meet floor level at the entrance door. A raised step at the back prevents the user from rolling back wile being elevated. When not in use it is literally invisible.

This type of conversion is not within the financial reach of most disabled people but does show what mobility means to us all. It will make a very attractive asset to a prospective house buyer who has mobility needs. The wheelchair lift was a joint effort by Sesame Mobility who worked with David Blaikie Architects.


Doctor Goodden had this to say:
"I don't want to give up."

"When wheelchair bound I intend to wheel myself everywhere.

"It's shocking something like this cost the best part of £100,000 but it will be a marvellous aid for the right kind of family who perhaps need such a device.

"It is a work of art and it was all worth it from a disability and an aesthetic point of view.

"It's a wonderful bit of design of which I am proud.

"It has given me everything I hoped for - I can go to and fro without asking a passer-by to help me down the steps

"It feels like best use of money I've made in my life

"It was very important to have won back the freedom I felt I did not have for a long time."

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