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Welcome to UK Wheelchairs - the home of value and quality

Benefits of a Customised Wheelchair

Custom wheelchairs have provided a massive improvement to the quality of life of wheelchair bound physically disabled people. A custom wheelchair is designed with each individual wheelchair user in mind. A custom built wheelchair accommodates the individual's special and unique disability and also provides them with a bespoke wheelchair that is individualised reflecting their personality and taste.

A custom wheelchair can become much more than just a form of transport. The wheelchair provides physically disabled people with more comfort and helps the wheelchair user to use their wheelchair effectively. Every physically disabled individual has his or her special needs, sometimes it is the attandant or carer that requires the special function(s) of the custom wheelchair. Whatever the need, the custom wheelchair is built to help the wheelchair user.

Users who are confined to a wheelchair and have lost one of their arms, will find that a custom wheelchair can benefit them. A custom wheelchair can be designed to allow this person to propel him or herself without having to depend on someone else to push the wheelchair.

Wheelchair users that use their wheelchair in a variety of situations and locations can have a custom wheelchair built to meet these needs. Outdoor enthusiasts will be happy to know that a custom wheelchair can be built that will allow them to move more easily over rougher terrain.

Sports enthusiasts are can have a wheelchair designed with their particular sport in mind. There are a variety of custom wheelchairs available for most sporting activities.

Listed below are just a few wheelchair sports that use custom wheelchairs:

  • Wheelchair Tennis
  • Wheelchair Rugby
  • Wheelchair Basketball
  • Wheelchair Racing
  • Wheelchair Skiing

It is possible for a custom wheelchair to be a fashion statement. Here are some elements that are fully customisable:

  • Wheelchair Colour:
    Almost any colour can be used when designing a wheelchair.

  • Fabric:
    The fabric used to create the seat, backrest and cushion can be chosen.

  • Wheelchair Spokes:
    Wheelchair wheels can have individualised spokes.

Almost anything that can be dreamed up can be added to a wheelchair to make it the unique property of its owner

The advances in technology for physically disabled people have allowed a wheelchair user to go anywhere and do almost anything they want. This has given physically disabled people a great deal of independence and control over the lifestyle they want to live. Physically disabled people are athletic and not stopped by any obstacles anymore.

It is possible for physically disabled people who make use of wheelchairs to live a completely independent lifestyle because of the advancements of customised wheelchairs. It is a whole new world for the wheelchair bound person.

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