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Welcome to UK Wheelchairs - the home of value and quality

Buying a Sports Wheelchair

Are you the type of wheelchair user who lives a very active outdoor lifestyle? Do you enjoy playing sports like tennis or basketball? If you answered yes to these questions then you might want to consider buying a sports wheelchair. It does not take a great effort to transition to a lightweight sports wheelchair from a heavy standard wheelchair. In fact, it will probably be very easy for you to make the change.

Even though a sports wheelchair is considerably lighter and smaller than a traditional wheelchair they are extremely strong. Because they are specifically designed for sports they are made of materials such as titanium for durability. There are a couple of other differences that you should be aware of like the footrests are actually built into the frame instead of being attached and there are no arm rests on a sports wheelchair.

You will find that a sports wheelchair can be customised much easier than a standard wheelchair. With the wheels you are able to choose the dimensions and set the angle at which they lean ensuring better and easier control of the wheelchair. Folding a sports wheelchair is a very simple process as well. A sports wheelchair uses the same technology as a mountain bike making them very lightweight and durable.

When sports wheelchairs were introduced they were mainly designed for outdoor activities. It was only later that they started being used instead of a standard wheelchair. They are completely manual and do not come as electric or power wheelchairs. This only makes them interesting for those who have the upper body strength and mobility to use them.

Sports wheelchairs are made from lightweight materials like titanium and aluminium. There are sports wheelchairs made for specific sport events such as wheelchair tennis, wheelchair racing, wheelchair basketball, hand cycles and even wheelchair skiing.

There are a great deal of accessories that you can purchase to go along with your sports wheelchair. You can find special safety belts or seat belts that are designed to keep the user in his or her seat during a sporting activity. Totes for water bottles, back support and gloves for pushing are some of the accessories that are available.

Before you purchase a sports wheelchair you should take into consideration what sport you are buying the wheelchair for. A hand cycle can only be used for that activity. You will not be able to use that particular sports wheelchair for your everyday wheelchair.

This is also true of a "court" wheelchair. Court wheelchairs have wheels that are designed to work on specific court surfaces, such as a tennis court and will not be useful on other surfaces. However, if you buy a standard sports wheelchair you will find that it can be used everyday. You will simply have a lightweight and strong wheelchair that can be used for sports and everyday use.

Small modifications can be made to the wheelchair to allow a normal use, when you want to use it as a sports wheelchair then the modifications can be removed, such as wheelchair tyres and wheelchair wheels.

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