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Welcome to UK Wheelchairs - the home of value and quality

Canopies for Wheelchairs

Wheelchair canopies have become so popular because they are so effective in protecting wheelchair users from harsh weather and they are also very convenient to use. Since they simply attach to the wheelchair, users can have both hands free to manoeuvre the wheelchair while also being protected either from the harsh sun, rough winds, or rain.

Wheelchair canopies are available in a variety of models ensuring that each wheelchair user finds the one that suits their preference(s). Wheelchair canopies are not wheelchair specific meaning they can fit any wheelchair no matter what wheelchair model or where it was bought. The wheelchair canopy comes with instructions and are simple to install.

A wheelchair canopy consists of two main poles and five supporting poles, all of which interlock and constitute the main frame. The material used for a wheelchair canopy ranges from nylon to mesh fabrics. Once the canopies frame is in place, the material is simply hung over it.

The canopy can be drawn back should the wheelchair user have no need for it at any given time. Depending on the preferences of the wheelchair user, wheelchair canopies can also be bought with a variety of features including draperies and storage accessories.

The wheelchair canopy has done wonders for many wheelchair users around the globe. However, one must not expect it to protect against all types of weather. Much like how umbrella users can still get wet in heavy rain, wheelchair canopy users can experience the same. For this reason, it is still recommended to wear clothing that protects against harsh weather while using wheelchair canopies.

Wheelchair canopies can range widely in price. However, they often start at around £40. Should you be among those whose physical condition is heavily affected by harsh weather, try consulting with your physician who will let you know whether or not your insurance can cover the cost of purchasing a wheelchair canopy.

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