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Welcome to UK Wheelchairs - the home of value and quality

Choosing Wheelchair Tyres

Wheelchair tyres not only protect the wheelchair wheels but also provides for more comfort. Acting as shock absorbers, the tyres not only make the wheelchairs ride smoother but also allows less damage to the wheelchair itself.

Although the wheelchair wheels are functional in nature, many wheelchair users believe that they may be the part that is best decorated. Some people like to make use of designer hand rims while some like to change the designs of spoke guards. No matter what the design, wheels will always come with tyres made of rubber.

Wheelchair tyres can be compared to tyres made for bikes. Although they may seem simple enough, they actually come in different types. The two most common types of wheelchair tyres are pneumatic and solid. The two are very different in terms of construction, composition, and benefits.

Pneumatic Wheelchair Tyres:

Are those that use inflatable tubes, just like the tyres used by most bikes. The tube or inner tube allows for better shock absorption making the ride more comfortable for its user. Using pneumatic tyres, the wheelchair user can enjoy a comfortable ride even when riding along bumpy or uneven pathways.

Pneumatic tyres are known to be easily damaged. Should the wheelchair user run over a nail or other sharp edged material the tyre(s) will most likely be damaged especially when heavier wheelchairs such as electric wheelchairs are used.

Solid Wheelchair Tyres:

They get their name simply because they are made out of solid rubber. As they are solid, they are proven to be more durable than pneumatic wheelchair tyres. They can handle extreme terrain without being damaged. They also do not wear out or become deflated as easily. Because of this, they rarely need to be replaced which is a financial advantage considering that pneumatic tyres need replacing on a regular basis.

Solid tyres have their own disadvantages: Although they prove to be more durable on rough terrain, they absorb less shock which means that the wheelchair users ride may not be as comfortable as wheelchairs with pneumatic tyres. To address this problem, wheelchair manufacturers have developed tyres which provide both durability and comfort. More often than not, these wheelchairs use solid tyres with rubber inserts that act as pneumatic tube.

What this new wheelchair tyre technology does is combine the benefits of both types of tyres. Because of its existence, wheelchair users no longer have to choose between comfort and durability. Now, they can have both with just one type of tyre!

Many wheelchair users testify to this new technology's benefits. They do say that they have better experiences with these tyres as they notice the significant difference the inserts have made. Electric wheelchair users say the same thing too.

Wheelchair users also report that they don't need to change their tyres on a frequent basis. Should you be among the many who have long suffered from flat tyres or uncomfortable rides, this new type of wheelchair tyre may be your best option.

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