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Electric Wheelchair Review - Drive Medical Cirrus

In 2017 we will be reviewing some of the electric wheelchairs that we sell and we aim to give you some impartial advice to help you make an informed decision as to which powerchair suits you and your lifestyle best. As you will already  know there is an ever increasing choice of electric wheelchairs on the market and they all look slightly different. So we have decided to point out the key benefits of some of them to help you to find the powerchair that will work best for you.

This week we have selected the Cirrus electric wheelchair from manufacturer Drive DeVilbiss. Firstly we want to point out that this is a folding electric wheelchair, why ? because not all models fold and this could be one of the criteria you use to select the right powerchair. Folding is good if you wish to transport the wheelchair with ease and it will help it to fit in to smaller spaces such as the average car boot. The folded dimensions are 77cm (L) x 92cm (H) x 37cm (W).

The Cirrus powerchair will cruise along nicely at 5pmh and feels stable on most sound surfaces. This is made possible as it has less bulk then many models which is because it was designed to fold. The second benefit of having less bulk is that it is better suited to indoor use. However we have found that the turning radius of this electric wheelchair is not as tight as some of its competitors at 33" which is a big consideration if you plan to use it primarily inside. The manufacturers quote the range as 15 miles but we were not able to test this in the time that we allocated.

While we are on the topic of the ride itself it is worth pointing out that this powerchair has a higher ride height than many, allowing greater clearance over raised obstacles than other electric wheelchairs in the same class. Its ride height is a whopping 4 inches. Another consideration is its ability to climb and descend with ease and although we had no scientific way of measuring this it seems fine and so we have used the manufacturers figure of 6 degrees, which is in line with most of its competitors.

If you wish to see th full specificationd of the Cirrus electric wheelchair please click here

Moving on to comfort levels, this electric wheelchair is very good on this point and i imaging it would cater well for its maximum user weight of 21 stone or 135 kg. It is worth pointing out that the heavier the user of the powerchair the less the total range will be. So if you way 20 stone you may not see the full range of 15 miles, particularly if you are in a hilly area.

While we are discussing range, clearance and climb ability it is also worth mentioning wheel size, as this will affect performance of any electric wheelchair in many ways. The drive wheels on this Cirrus wheelchair are 12.5 inches in diameter and are puncture proof. In essence, the bigger the wheel, the more comfortable the ride and the better the powerchair is equipped to smooth out any rough ground. In addition a bigger wheel will make lighter work therefore increasing the range of the wheelchair battery(s). The position of the drive wheels can vary, but on the Cirrus powerchair they are the rear wheels. On the front, there are  8-inch caster wheels which help maintain the powerchair's stability and stop it from tipping when you're getting in and out of the chair or if you're riding on rough or uneven ground.

In terms of accessories and features, the Cirrus powerchair has all the basic things covered including a seat belt, seat cushion, pouch and swing in/out footrests. The arms rests are also height adjustable to meet your specific height requirements. Both the seat and seat back have plenty of padding which do give a very comfortable effect although our trial lasted less than two hours.

Electric wheelchairs are not cheap items to buy and we always provide the best price we can. However it is still worth looking at the likely cost of ownership of your prospective powerchair. One thing we do like a lot about the Cirrus is the product’s warranty which covers the powerchair for repairs or replacement during the 12 month period which also extends to the wheelchair batteries, which is obviously conditional on the batteries being used and recharged in the correct way. Drive Medical have a great reputation for customer service which also adds a lot of confidence when you purchase an electric wheelchair.

At the time of writing this aritcle we are able to offer the Cirrus electric wheelchair for under £1000 delivered to your door ! Call us on 0800 0556377 / 01803 872020 if you would like us to do this.