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Welcome to UK Wheelchairs - the home of value and quality

Looking at Lightweight Wheelchairs

One of the most popular types of wheelchairs that are currently available in the market are lightweight wheelchairs. Light weight wheelchair variants are the same as standard steel wheelchairs.

Although there are also electric light weight wheelchairs available, they will never be as light as the manual wheelchair as they are constructed differently to accomodate special features and have to carry the weight of the electric motors.

Lightweight wheelchairs vary dramatically in price, anything from £60 to thousands of pounds, this of course depends on the technology and the wheelchairs features.

Aluminium or titanium is used when manufacturing lightweight wheelchairs, the more expensive lightweight wheelchairs or specialist wheelchairs are built using carbon fibre.

Lightweight wheelchairs are the best option for those who place high importance on their mobility. Because of its lightweight features the wheelchair is easier for its user to move themselves or have others push them.

Having a lightweight wheelchair would be a big help to those who, despite being disabled have an active lifestyle. This way, even those with physical disabilities can take part in sports such as wheelchair basketball and even wheelchair tennis.

Although it cannot be argued that the wheelchair users would not be as active as the able bodied, the wheelchair allows the user to push themselves further and enjoy physical activities. Although the wheelchair sports are played differently, lightweight wheelchairs allow for more physical hobbies and sports.

The folding wheelchair is also considered as a lightweight wheelchair and these are most appropriate for those who like to travel on a regular basis. Visiting friends and relatives would not be a problem because light weight folding wheelchairs are compact making them easier to transport.

They even fit in the boot of standard vehicles. Although a folding wheelchair may have less features than any regular lightweight wheelchair, it is still a popular option because of its portability.

Hopefully, this simple introduction to lightweight wheelchairs will help you to make better choices when deciding on the wheelchair that will best suit your needs.

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